An enterprise can reap a number of benefits by using videos on its website. In addition to making the website more dynamic, the videos will further keep the visitors interested and engaged. At the same time, the videos also help businesses to convey relevant information to the website visitors in a quick and entertaining way.

Earlier web developers found it daunting to show videos on web page. But HTML5 has made it easier for modern developers to embed a video in a web page. They can simply use the HTML5 < video > element to add videos to a web page just like adding an image. There are also a number of reasons why HTML5 videos are considered to be more interactive.

What Makes HTML5 Videos more Interactive?

No Need to Use Third-Party Plug-ins: HTML5 enables developers embed videos in a web page using the < video > element. The single elements enable them to deliver richer video experience to users without using any third-party plug-ins or complex markup. The absence of plug-ins enhances the video content’s accessibility and speed. At the same time, the element allows users to avail common controls like play and pause.

Option to Specify Multiple Mobile Formats: Each web browser may or may not support all video formats. So the developers need to ensure that the website delivers excellent video experience to each user regardless of his choice of web browser. HTML5 enable developers to specify multiple source files for a specific video using the < source > element. Thus, they can easily set multiple video formats, and make the browser download and play the most appropriate one.

Play Exact Portion of the Video: Often businesses are required to convey information to website visitors just in 2-3 seconds. So they often have to shorten and edit the video clips to ensure that the visitor receives the most relevant information. HTML5 allows developers to specify the exact portion of the video to be played simply by adding a media fragment. The media fragment can be added to the video URL, and specify the video to be played between specific seconds.

Describe the Video Elaborately: The programmers also have option to describe the HTML5 video elaborately for both website visitors and search engines. They can simply use the element to add captions, subtitles and chapters to the video. The additional information will further help the search engine crawlers to understand the nature and details of the video.

Manipulate the Video’s Default Behavior: The programmers can further enhance video experience of users by controlling default behavior of the HTML5 video. Based on their requirements, they have option to choose a number of attributes of the video elements. They can choose the preload attribute to make the browser download and play the video content automatically. Likewise, they can use the preload attribute to convey the browser whether to download the video file or its metadata.

Customize and Style the Videos: The programmers can further keep the website visitors engaged by customizing the HTML5 videos. Like other HTML elements, the video elements can also be styled by adding borders, applying a filter, or converting the video into 3D. The users can even set the height and width of the video clip in CSS pixels. Likewise, they can make the default video controls visible to users, and display an image before the video loads. The customization options help businesses to enhance brand awareness among website visitors, and promote their products or services under a popular brand.

Deliver Video across Devices: At present, HTML5 videos are supported by major web browsers. Likewise, the HTML5 video players are also supported by most mobile devices. So HTML5 videos can be delivered to each user without any hassle. The option further makes the video clips accessible across multiple devices and platforms. The programmers can further customize the video clips to deliver a solid experience to each website visitor.

On the whole, HTML5 has made it easier for web programmers to add different types of videos to a web page. The HTML5 video player helps businesses to achieve higher conversion rate by delivering more interactive video experience to website visitors.