With business requirements changing frequently, it has become essential for Java programmers to make changes to the code throughout the software development life cycle. So Java programmers need specialized tools to make changes to the code by avoiding the cumbersome process of rebuilding and redeployment. ZeroTurnAround has designed JRebel as a Java development-time tool that helps programmers to reload the modified code almost instantaneously. The tool makes it easier for java developers to make changes to the Java classes, frameworks and resources, and reload the changes without rebuilding or redeploying the project.

Understanding Key Features of JRebel

No Need to Restart the Application Server: As noted earlier, JRebel enables programmers to make changes to the Java code instantaneously. After making changes to the code, they can immediately check the impact of such changes without restarting the application server. Thus, JRebel makes it easier for developers to add new features and functionality to the application, and fix the bugs identified by testers. Also, the tool helps businesses to reduce the overall coding hours significantly.

No Need to Redeploy the Application: JRebel uses an innovative technology called Rebellion which can reload the changes made to the class structure instantaneously without requiring users to redeploy the application completely. So the Java programmers can use JRebel to save changes to the code, refresh the browser, and see the impact of changes. The tool further tracks the changes to made to the programmers’ workspace and update the changes on the fly.

Works with Popular JVM-based Languages: Despite being described as a Java web development tool, JRebel supports several JVM-based programming languages including Scala, Groovy, Clojure and JRuby. Also, the developers can use the tool for enterprise, desktop and web application written in these JVM-based languages. At the same time, JRebel also enables that to reload the changes instantaneously on both local and remote servers, and in the cloud.

Multiple Installation Options: The Java programmers have option to avail the latest version of JRebel as an IDE plug-in or bundled as a JAR file. As JRebel supports a number of widely used Java IDEs, the users can easily download the tool for the specific IDE. The users have option to download JRebel for Eclipse, NetBeans, MyEclipse, JDeveloper, IntelliJ IDEA, and IBM WebSphere & Rational (RAD). At the same time, the programmers also have option to use JRebel without using any Java IDEs. They can simply download the JAR file, and configure the tool without any complex installation process.

Supports Many Java Frameworks and Application Servers: The developers also have option to use JRebel with more than 100 commonly used Java web frameworks and server-side frameworks including Java EE, Struts, Spring, Grails, LifeRay, Hibernate, Hybri, GWT and Wicket. Likewise, JRebel, as a JVM Java agent, can be integrated with several application servers including Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, GlassFish, Jetty, OSGi and JBoss EAP/Wildfly. After being integrated with the application server, the tool can use the existing class loader to reload the changes by recompiling only the modified classes.

Reduces Programming Hours: A number of studies have indicated that programmers have to invest a substantial amount of time to make changes to the code successfully. JRebel makes it easier for programmers to see the impact of changes made to the code instantaneously without restarting the application server or redeploying the application. So the developers can concentrate on coding fully. In addition to delivering high quality and readable Java code, they can also make the application more secure by performing source code review.

On the whole, JRebel helps developers to meet changing business requirements without putting extra time and effort. The developers also have option to try the Java web development tool for fee before buying it through the dedicated or managed license. They can further avail both support and updates after subscribing to JRebel.