According to the TIOBE Programming Community Index for June 2016, Python is one of the top 5 most widely used programming languages of the year. Unlike other modern programming languages, Python is an interpreted programming language. So the code written in Python can run on any system without compilation through a program called interpreter. At the same time, the simple and easy-to-use syntax of the open source programming language also make it easier for developers to write a variety of applications in Python within a shorter amount of time.

As Python is a general purpose programming language, it can be used by developers for building a variety of applications. A number of recent studies have indicated the growing popularity of Python among modern web developers. But Python, unlike PHP, lacks built-in web development capabilities. The developers have to use specific frameworks and development tools to write modern web applications in Python. There are a number of reasons why more and more developers are switching to Python from other popular web programming languages.

Why Many Developers Prefer Python to Other Web Programming Languages?

High-Level Programming Language

Python is a high-level programming language. So it is different from other popular web programming language. Unlike other programming languages, Python enables programmers to focus on the tasks to be completed or action to be performed without worrying about how to accomplish the specific objective. At the same time, the flexibility provided by Python makes it easier for developers to build a variety of applications rapidly.

No Need to Compile the Source Code

As noted earlier, Python is an interpreted programming language. So the source code written in Python can run on directly on the computer without any compilation. The feature makes it easier for developers to make changes to the code, and check the impact of these changes immediately. The absence of code compilation further reduced the overall coding time significantly.

Easy to Read Syntax

The syntax rules of Python are influenced by a number of programming languages including C, C++ and Java. However, syntax rule of Python is completely different from these programming languages. For instance, Python delimits the code using whitespace. So the programmers are not required to use a ; or {} to organize the code. The simple and easy-to-read syntax of the Python further helps developers to express concept with less and readable code. Also, Python is hugely popular among beginners as an easy to read and learn programming language.

Supports Popular Programming Paradigms

Like other modern programming languages, Python also supports a number of commonly used programming paradigms. It supports object-oriented, functional, imperative, and procedural programming styles. At the same time, the programming language also supports dynamic type system, while featuring automatic memory management. The programmer can take advantage of these programming paradigms to build applications in a more organized way.

Standard Library

Python has a more robust standard library in comparison to other programming languages. As a wide variety of high use programming tasks are already scripted into the Python standard library, it becomes easier for developers to accomplish common programming tasks without writing additional code. For instance, they can use these libraries to accomplish common tasks like string operations, web services implementation, operating system interface management, and working with internet protocols, developers can check here are the Top 10 Python Libraries of 2016.

Simple Debugging Tools

The web developers have option to choose from a wide range of debugging tools for Python. The Python downloader package further includes a number of tools for debugging code. Hence, it becomes easier for programmers to debug their code without using third-party debugging tools. They can further use a single tool to debug all code written in Python.

Loads of Python Web Frameworks

The developers can further build a variety of modern websites and web applications rapidly by taking advantage of robust Python web frameworks. The developers also have option to choose from several Python web frameworks including Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle and Cherrypy. Some of these frameworks are minimalist and lightweight whereas other comes with advanced features required for developing complex web applications. But most of these web frameworks are open source and free, while being supported by large community. The open source web frameworks contribute hugely to make Python a popular web programming language.

A Component of LAMP Stack

There are many web developers who prefer using Python as an open source component of LAMP Stack. As a component of LAMP Stack, Python is used alongside Linux Operating System, Apache HTTP Server, and MySQL database. The combination of open source technologies makes it easier for programmers to build websites and web applications rapidly, without increasing project overheads. The flexible nature of LAMP Stack further allows developers to interchange its components according to their specific needs.

Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI)

As a standard interface, WSGI establishes connection between various web frameworks and web server. WSGI supports Portable Python Web Codes. Hence, the developers have option to write and embed Portable Python Web Codes to standardize and customize the communication between Python frameworks and web server.  The support makes it easier for web developers to boost the performance of Python web applications deployed on WSGI-compliant servers.

Facilitates Test Driven Development

A steady increase is being noted in the number of developers adopting test driven development (TDD) approach to deliver flawless web applications within a shorter amount of time. The approach requires testers to write tests first, and use the tests to describe the usage of the code and verify the accuracy of the code. Most programming languages do not include features required to implement TDD. But Python enables programmers to boost the quality of web applications by adopting test driven development.

The effectiveness of Python as a web programming language can also be determined from the number of high-traffic and sensitive website written in it. In one of my previous post, i have shared what is it that Python cannot do?, topic is helpful post for first time developer. The web developers still need to overcome a number of shortcomings of Python to build web application efficiently. Also, they need to pick the right Python web framework, library and development tools to build custom web applications within a shorter amount of time.