While developing a web application, you must focus on its user experience to keep users engaged and increase conversion rate. You have to explore ways to enhance the web application’s user experience by optimizing its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, security, and search engine visibility. At the same time, you also need to explore ways to increase the productivity of web developers to build a high quality web application within a shorter amount of time. You can make the web application developers more productive in a number of ways according to the project timeline and cost.

7 Simple Hacks to Make Your Web Application Developers More Productive

1) Provide Robust Frameworks and Tools

The resources provided by various web frameworks and development tools help developers to speed up custom web application development. The libraries, tools, and extensions provided by various frameworks help developers to accomplish common programming tasks without writing additional code. At the same time, the developers can use specific tools to enhance the website’s performance, security, and usability without putting extra time and effort. You have option to choose from a wide range of open source and licensed frameworks and development tools according to precise needs of the web development framework. But you must equip the developers with the right framework and development tools to accelerate web development process. Also, you need to ensure that the developers can use the tools effectively.

2) Adopt Responsive Web Design

Often web application developers have to explore ways to make the website look good on each device. You can adopt responsive web design to make it easier for programmers to create web applications that look good on computers, smartphones, tablets, and phablets. The developers will combine HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to enlarge, shrink, resize, hide, or move the website content according to the screen size of the user’s device. Responsive web design further makes it easier for programmers to simplify development, testing, deployment and maintenance of websites with a single code base. The developers can further enhance the web application’s mobile user experience without putting extra time and effort.

3) Consider Building Isomorphic Web Applications

You have to focus on both frontend and backend of a web application to enhance its user experience and accomplish higher conversion rate. Hence, you have to deploy separate developers to write the client-side and server-side code effectively. But you can always opt for isomorphic application to write the client-side and server-side code in a single programming language. For instance, you can use the four components of MEAN Stack – MangoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and NodeJS – to write both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript.  Isomorphic web applications enables you to deploy the same developers for writing both client-side and server-side code. The approach further helps you to make the web developers productive by allowing them to share the same code between the browser and the web server.

4) Divide the Project into Small Modules

The productivity of a web application developer is impacted negatively when he is required to write longer lines of code continuously. You must allow each developer to write code in sprints.  Also, he must take break between two sprints. The break will prevent the developer’s brain from remaining clogged and help him to generate new ideas. Also, the quality of the code written by the web developer will enhance significantly when he is allowed to code in sprints. In addition to implementing sprint-based development, you also need to allow the programmers to take short breaks between two sprints. However, you must not set duration of individual sprints or breaks.

5) Allow Them to Reuse Previous Code

You can easily make the web developers more productive by allowing them to reuse the previous code. The developers can avoid writing additional code by reusing the existing code based on the precise needs of the project. At the same time, you need to encourage web developers to create a library of frequently-used code snippets. The library will help programmers to store and organize the code snippets efficiently. Also, the developers can easily find the relevant code snippets without any hassle or delay. The developers can create the code snippet library using specific source code editors, integrated development environment (IDEs), or plug-ins.

6) Test the Web Applications Continuously

Often web developers have to put additional time and effort to fix the bugs or defects identified in the web application during testing process. A number of studies have shown that the bugs identified later stages of development are more expensive than the defects found in early stages of development. The developers find it easier to repair the bugs or defects identified in the web application during early development process. When the developers have to repair the defects in later stages of development, they need extra time to remember and figure out the source code. But they can fix the bugs or repairs more quickly when the code is fresh in their minds. You must conduct web application testing continuously and get the defects identified early to enhance the productivity of web application developers significantly.

7) Keep Things Simple and Organized

You can easily enhance productivity of web application developers by keeping things simple and organized. While dividing the project into small modules, you need to ensure that a sprint does not include too many deliverables. You must explore ways to design sprints that does not require developers to deliver the maximum over a predefined amount of time. You can easily design sprints with normal deliverables by keeping in mind the business requirements as well as the available resources. However, your decision may differ according to individual cases and conditions. But you must explore ways to keep the development process simple, while meeting the exact requirements of the client.

In addition to making the programmers productive, it is also important to keep the source code of the web application organized and maintainable. You must create a set of guidelines to keep the application code organized and maintainable, while meeting the client requirements precisely. At the same time, you must ask web application developers to curtail development time significantly by implementing various web application development tips and best practices.