As a powerful server side scripting language, PHP makes it easier for developers to rapidly create dynamic and interactive web pages. Based on their convenience, the code writers can either mix the PHP code with HTML code or use it with several web frameworks and template engine. However, often businesses require developers to build PHP applications within a shorter span of time to beat competition. Therefore, it is important for web programmers to understand some simple ways to optimize PHP development time.

7 Simple Ways to Speed up PHP Development

1) Take Advantage of Object Oriented Programming
The PHP programmers can reduce the development time by adopting object oriented programming (OOP). The programming method enables developers to accomplish a variety of tasks simply using classes or objects. It further helps programmers to avoid code repetition. After instantiating one or two objects, the code writers can use these objects to instantiate several other objects. Thus, they can simply pass variables into the objects to accomplish specific tasks.

2) Use Built-in Functions
Most programmers prefer writing their own custom functions to accomplish specific task. But the custom functions are required to be interpreted by the programming language. The developers can always use built-in functions to get a performance advantage, while saving time. They also have option to use a variety of built-in functions to accomplish specific tasks without writing custom functions.

3) Manage the Variables Properly
The programmers can further save time by effectuating the management of variables. For instance, the variables of larger size require additional processing. So the programmers must not copy the large variables frequently and unnecessarily. Likewise, they must remember that the functions use the parameter values without any alteration. Therefore, they must pass parameters to a function by reference and not function. It is also important for the developers to avoid creating memory-intensive copies.

4) Turn Error Reporting on
Often PHP programmers have to put additional time and effort to identify and fix any errors or bugs in the code. They can save time and effort by focusing on performance improvement during the coding phase. The developers can simply turn the error reporting option to know and clean up the errors and warnings. However, they must turn the error reporting option off after completing the coding to save resources.

5) Use PHP Frameworks
The developers also have option to use several frameworks to effectuate and speed up PHP development. As some of the widely used PHP frameworks are open source, they can be used without increasing development cost. But each framework comes with a variety of tools and features to enable programmers to avoid writing lengthy code. Based on the requirements of the project, the developers can choose from a number of widely used PHP frameworks including CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Phalcon, Yii and Codeigniter.

6) Use PHP Libraries
Like frameworks, the PHP libraries also help developers to reduce PHP development time significantly. After choosing a good PHP library, the programmers can use it as an API to communicate with both dynamic and static websites. Some of these libraries effectuate the development and maintenance of project, whereas others help developers to accomplish a variety of tasks quickly. Based on his specific requirements, each PHP developer can choose from an array of popular PHP libraries like Hoa, Underscore, Whoops, Klein, Alice, Imagine and Buzz.

7) Protect Your Database
The developers have to put extra time and effort to protect the PHP applications from malicious code and cross site scripting attacks. They can avoid putting extra time and effort simply by using mysql_real_escape_string() to verify user input before the string is added to the database. The step will ensure that no malicious code or function is being stored in the database. The programmers also need to check the type and value of the user input submitted through forms by validating the POST and GET strings.

Nowadays, most web developers use tools and frameworks to optimize PHP development time. The developers also have option to use several open source PHP frameworks and libraries to curtail development time without increasing project overheads. However, the PHP programmers must decide the most appropriate way to curtail development time according to the nature and requirements of the project.