According to the Big Data Prediction for 2016 released by Oracle, “Companies big and small are finding new ways to capture and use more data. The push to make big data more mainstream will get stronger in 2016.” At present, big data is also one of the hottest trends in software development. The term big data actually refers to a large volume of structured and unstructured data. Enterprises should analyze the large datasets to assess its people, processes, technologies and policies accurately. SMEs and Big enterprises should keep an eye of rise of big data and prepare themselves to leverage its power and benefit from the same.

Also, big data will help the managers to take faster and better decisions. The advanced data analytics tools help enterprises to create new products and services based on the behaviour and preferences of customers. But it is important for the business to make a comprehensive strategy for collecting, storing and analyzing a large volume of real-time data and information. That is why; each enterprise must address a number of key issues to take leverage the real potential of big data.

Rise of Big Data: How to Prepare Your Business to Leverage the Power of Big Data?

Pick the Right Integration Tools

You can always consider integrating big data tools with your existing infrastructure. For instance, the existing RDBMS data warehouse of your business can be used as a key component of the new enterprise systems architecture. However, you must pick the right tools to integrate your existing system and new big data tools seamlessly. It is also important to pick the integration tools that are designed specifically for big data.

Use Big Data Analytics Tools Effectively

Often businesses fail to leverage big data advantage fully due to using big data analytics tools in an ineffective and unplanned way. So you must focus on blending the big data collected from various sources to use the analytics tools more effectively. At the same time, you need to ensure that managers are spending more time on data analysis instead of spending time on organizing and cleaning the big data. You can always use advanced data collection and preparation tools to enable the employees to concentrate only on big data analysis.

Decide the Best Cloud Platform and Solutions

The cloud-based tools and solutions make it easier for businesses to take advantage of big data without spending a lot of money. The enhanced flexibility and scalability provided by the cloud-based tools further help businesses to avail storage and computing according to their specific needs. But each business has option to choose from a variety of cloud solutions including private, hybrid and managed. So you must pick the best cloud solutions according to specific needs of your business to make the processes and operations more efficient.

Make Changes to Your Existing Workflow

You need to ensure that big data can be accessed by authorized employees anytime and anywhere. The custom tools enable users to access big data without the help of a database administrator. For instance, you can use custom analytics packages to deliver the relevant information stored in the big data warehouse to the marketing team on a self-demand and self-service basis. So you must make the required changes to the existing workforce to make employees access the big data directly and quickly.

Train Your Employees

As noted earlier, you can use custom analytics packages to make employees access big data directly without any manual intervention. But you must ensure that each employee can access the big data smoothly through various tools and solutions. So you must train the non-IT professionals adequately to enable them to query the big data directly and efficiently. Likewise, also the developers will also need adequate training to query and manipulate the big data efficiently as the new big data tools are completely different from conventional RDBMS applications and SQL interpreters.

Restructure Your Security Policy

You have to restructure the existing security policy of your organization to store valuable business information and customer data in the cloud. A lot of organizations to use public cloud. So it becomes essentials to implement several security measures to keep the data 100% secure. You need to understand the relevant laws, regulations: and ensure that big data is not violating any compliance or legal requirements. The restructuring of security policy is essential to take advantage of big data in the longer run.

Big data further require businesses to invest in advanced hardware and software. In addition to building a robust data warehouse, the enterprise also need to ensure that the data flows throughout the warehouse in a smooth and desired manner. So each business has to make and implement a comprehensive strategy to leverage the real potential of big data.