A steady increase is being noted in the demand for frontend web developers at both start-ups and software development firms. In simple words, frontend refers to part of a website that users see and interact with. But frontend web developers nowadays need to develop websites that are accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and phablets. So they must use the right tools and techniques to generate HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the website by targeting a wide variety of devices. There are also a number of reasons why most businesses prefer deploying seasoned frontend web developers.

Why Frontend Web Developers are high in Demand?

Massive Popularity of Mobile Devices
A large percentage of users nowadays access websites on their smartphones, tablets or phablets. That is why; it becomes essential for businesses to optimize their website for a wide variety of devices. Google further uses mobile-friendliness as a metric for ranking websites. So a business can easily boost the website’s search engine ranking and visibility by optimizing it for mobile devices. The experienced developers understand how to boost the website’s make the website look good on both computers and mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design
Each business need to adopt new web development approaches like responsive web design to make their websites deliver richer user experience on each device. Responsive web design requires developers to use open technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. At the same time, the programmers also need to use flexible grids, layout and images to make the website deliver optimal viewing and interaction experience regardless of the device’s screen size, platform and orientation.

Popularity of Open Technologies
A business can always curtail the project overheads drastically by using open source technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. HTML5 further comes with a number of elements and features to make frontend web development simpler and faster. Likewise, the developers can take advantage of a widely used client-side programming language like JavaScript to boost the performance and functionality of the website without increasing server overheads. Most businesses look for skilled frontend web developers to take advantage of these open source web technologies.

Emphasis on Website’s Performance and Speed
The experienced frontend web developers further help businesses to accomplish performance goal. As the loading time and speed of the website affects its user experience of the website, it becomes essential for businesses to handle render time efficiently. At the same time, Google also ranks websites based on their loading speed. The seasoned developers can manipulate HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the website load fasters. Also, they can organize the front-end resources efficiently to make the website open quickly.

Focus on User Experience
Many studies have highlighted that customers nowadays expect websites to look, feel and function like mobile apps. So the business must focus on several factors to keep the visitors engaged by delivering richer user experience. In addition to making the website open quickly, the developers also need to make its user interface appealing, simple and easy-to-navigate. The experienced frontend developers know how to build web user interfaces according to specific business requirements. They further optimize the user interface according to the latest trends to boost the website’s user experience.

Use of MVC Frameworks
While using websites, most businesses nowadays use model-view-controller (MVC) frameworks. The frameworks help businesses to build websites and web application rapidly by keeping the user interface and business logic separate. Thus, MVC frameworks enable enterprises to optimize the website’s user interface by deploying frontend web developers. Many businesses deploy frontend and backend web developers simultaneously to build large web applications within a shorter amount of time.

Search Engine Optimization
Most businesses use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to get regular website visitors from online search engines. So many businesses nowadays require developers to build websites according to the recommendations and guidelines provide by popular search engines. Google also recommend owners to focus on the structure and readability of the frontend code and files to allow its crawler to scan the website resources fully. The skilled frontend developers always write readable and organized code, while organizing the frontend resources of the website efficiently.

However, it is also important for each business to hire the right frontend web developers. While hiring a frontend web developer, the business must assess his proficiency in commonly used client-side technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Also, the developers must know how to reduce the development time by picking the right tools and techniques according to specific needs of each project.