In addition to emphasising on code readability, Python also enables programmers to express various concepts without writing longer lines of code. Hence, many web developers nowadays write web applications in Python to reduce development time significantly. But Python was originally designed as a general purpose programming language. Unlike PHP, it lacks in-built web development features and capability.

Hence, the web developers need to avail the resources provided by Python web frameworks to build websites efficiently and rapidly. They also have option to choose from an array of web application development frameworks for Python including Pyramid, Flask, Bottle and Turbogears. But the usage statistics posted on various websites depict is more popular than other web application development frameworks for Python.

Along with being an open source and full-stack framework, Django also supports model-view-architecture. It further provides several robust features that help programmers to create web applications in a more flexible way and with less code. But the beginners have to invest both time and effort to learn and use the best practices in Django development. Also, they must check out some of the high-traffic websites developed with Django to understand the Python framework’s usage and effectiveness.

Overview of 7 High-Traffic Websites Developed with Django

1) Google
As a hugely popular web search engine, Google does not require an elaborate introduction. Google has been using Python and Django to handle traffic and meet computing needs of its search engine. Google has also made Django a prerequisite for availing Google Cloud SQL. Also, Google relies on Django to meet the computing needs of its connected applications.

2) YouTube
As a free video sharing platform, YouTube makes it easier for users to watch a wide range of videos online. Initially YouTube was developed with PHP. But the developers subsequently switched to Python to enhance the functionalities and performance of the free video sharing platform. Also, they opted for Django to add new features to YouTube without putting extra time and effort.

3) Pinterest
Pinterest is designed as a free visual bookmarking tool for registered users. The features provided by the popular website make it easier for users to upload, sort, save and manage many images or pins. Many reports have highlighted the exponential growth of the website since its initial launch in 2010. Pinterest is developed with Python and Django. But the website still uses several technologies additionally to deliver optimized user experience.

4) Instagram
As a social networking service, Instagram enables users to take pictures and videos, and share the content on the platform either privately or publicly. The users also have option to share the pictures and videos posted on Instagram on other popular social networking platforms including Facebook. The development team at Instagram runs Django on Amazon High-CPU Extra-Large machines to make the websites meet many concurrent requests efficiently. The application further uses Django as an efficient mobile back-end.

5) Dropbox
Some users refer Dropbox as a personal cloud storage service, while others refer it as online backup service. Dropbox enables users to store documents, pictures, videos and other files in an online drive. They can further access the files stored in Dropbox on a variety of devices connected to the internet. The Python API provided by Dropbox makes it easier for developers to access all Dropbox content by creating a custom class. Also, the website uses Django to enables users to store, synchronize and share a variety of files on the cloud.

6) Spotify
Since its initial launch in 2008, Spotify has been transforming the way people listen to music. The hugely popular online music service enables access a large number of videos, podcasts and music tracks on any device. The website is currently available in more than 50 distinct languages. The online music service uses Python for both backend services and data analysis to avail enhanced performance. Also, Spotify uses Django to enhance and extend Python programming language.

7) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Millions of users visit the official website of NASA to check out the news, images, videos and podcasts provided by the premiere agency. The users also access NASA TV to watch satellite launch and other events live. Also, NASA keeps the website visitors engaged with features like NASA picture of the day, image galleries and HD videos. There are specific parts of official NASA website that are developed with Django.

However, each beginner has option to check out several popular Django websites. He can use any popular online search engine to find out the websites currently using Django. Likewise, he can visit to gather information about the websites powered by Django. The websites enable visitors to check out more than 5100 Django websites listed with it. The first time developers must visit a wide variety of Django websites to understand how to take advantage of the features provided by the popular web framework for Python.