Often enterprises explore ways to make their websites standout in the crowd. The smarter entrepreneurs focus on the quality of website content to improve the website’s search engine ranking and increase conversion rate.  Good website content further impacts the buying decision of customers by providing relevant and updated information. But enterprises often find it challenging to manage their website content frequently. As an enterprise-level content management system, Sitecore advantages make it a preferred CMS of choice for enterprises to create, publish, and promote website content.

Sitecore CMS is developed based on a robust web framework like ASP.NET. The web application developers can use Sitecore to accelerate web application development by taking advantage of the features and tools provided by ASP.NET. At the same time, the reusable site components provided by the content management system (CMS) enable developers to build multiple websites within a short amount of time. Sitecore further provides an array of features to improve customer relationship and brand experience.

Sitecore Advantages That Make It Useful for Web Application Developers

Developed on ASP.NET

Unlike other content management systems, Sitecore is developed based on ASP.NET. As a robust framework, ASP.NET comes with features to simplify and accelerate development of websites, web applications, and web services. ASP.Net enables programmers to build high traffic and complex applications rapidly without writing additional code and implementing MVC programming paradigm. At the same time, the web framework improves the performance of applications by providing features like just-in-time compilation, caching techniques, authentication system, and native optimization.

Makes Content Look Good on Varying Devices

Nowadays, users access websites and web applications on a variety of devices. While building a website, web application developers have to explore ways to make it look good on both computers and mobile devices. Sitecore makes it easier for programmers to make the website content look good by customizing the content format automatically according to the size and orientation of the underlying device. The developers even have option to distribute the same content through multiple channels.

Delivers Personalized Content to Each User

In addition to supporting multiple content distribution channels, Sitecore further helps web application developers to personalize website content for individual users based on a number of parameters – personalization rules, workflow and device/user location.  The CMS allows developers to set content personalization rules for individual visitors, various types of visitors, and specific personas. The developers even have option to evaluate the personalization rules by action and behaviour of real users. Sitecore even allows developers to personalize various aspects of a website – textual content, forms, rich media, promotions, recommendations, and social media widgets

Facilitates Content Management and Sharing

The web application developer can take advantage of Sitecore Web Experience Manager (WXM) to create multilingual websites without putting extra time and effort. The copywriter is required to write the website content once in the native language. WXM will translate the website content into multiple languages by handling the workflow and integrating with translation services. Sitecore even enables developers to keep the user experience consistent by reusing and sharing the same website content across multiple websites. The feature helps developers to simplify website content translation and sharing.

Optimizes Website for Mobile Devices

A very large percentage of users nowadays access websites and web applications on their mobile devices. Hence, web application developers have to focus extensively on the website’s mobile user experience. Sitecore CMS makes it easier for developers to optimize website content for mobile devices. Its device detection module detects the device and customizes website content according to the device automatically. Likewise, its geo IP detection package makes it easier for developers to personalize website content according to the current geographic location of the user. At the same time, Sitecore allows developers to preview and evaluate the website content across multiple mobile devices.

Options to Customize and Extend

The web application developers have option to extend and customize Sitecore according to precise needs of individual projects. For instance, they can accelerate enterprise class search by integrating an open source search engine like Lucen with the website. They even have option to store all content in a centralized SQL data repository, implement codeless content creation, and customize workflow. Sitecore further comes with features to keep the website content and users secure, while allowing developers to work with various systems, application programming interfaces (APIs), and data.

Accelerates Custom Web Application Development

Most content management systems require web application developers to put extra time and effort to customize a website according to precise business requirements. But Sitecore makes it easier for programmers to build custom websites through Sitecore Web Experience Manager (WXM). The WXM simplifies and accelerates custom web application development by providing prebuilt and reusable components. The developers can even use the toolset provided by WXM to create new components and customize existing components according to their precise needs. At the same time, they can create wireframes using the robust wireframing tools providing by Sitecore.

On the whole, Sitecore makes it easier for web application developers for responsive website design and development by providing various features and tools. But Sitecore is a commercial content management system. The developers can choose from an array of Sitecore products to build web applications, manage customer experience, and facilitate eCommerce transactions.