The information posted on various websites indicates that big data is currently one of the hottest trends in software development. A steady increase is being noted in the number of enterprises developing custom big data solutions to collect, combine, analyze and process huge volumes of real-time data collected quickly and efficiently. The growing popularity of big data has made it essential for businesses to pick the best relational database application in today’s scenario.

As a cross-platform relational database application, FileMaker makes it easier for developers to build database solutions according to varying business requirements. FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc., has been updating FileMaker at frequent intervals to simplify and speedup custom database application development. The company had released FileMaker 14 last year and they have released FileMaker 15 in May with a number of new features and enhancements. The new features aim to meet the emerging trends in database application development, while enabling programmers to write modern database solutions without using additional tools.

Overview of New Features Included in FileMaker 15

Access Database Applications on iOS Devices and Mobile Browsers
The latest version of FileMaker comes with a number of new features to make the custom database solutions accessible on iPhone, iPad and mobile browsers. The users also have option to access database application on their Android devices directly by opening its web location in the latest version of Chrome.

    • FileMaker 15 will enable users to send and receive a variety of files through both cloud storage services and file sharing apps. The users can avail the feature to send and receive images, videos and other documents across multiple devices and platforms.
    • The users also have option to make changes to the FileMaker content, and share the modified content with others. They can take advantage of the features to enhance the quality and appeal of content. For instance, they can send the content directly to a printer, or use a photo editing app to make the pictures more appealing.
    • FileMaker 15 further supports both touch ID and 3D Touch. The touch ID support will enable users to access the database application and sensitive data more securely. At the same time, the 3D touch support will allow users to access and operate the database solutions more efficiently on the iPhone and iPad models supporting 3D touch.
    • Along with touch ID and 3D touch, FileMaker 15 also supports iBeacon technology. Hence, the FileMaker application can take advantage of the technology to deliver more relevant and contextual data to users based on their current location. The users can further use their iPhone or iPad to access more relevant and location-based data without any hassle.

Avail Additional Tools and Functionalities
FileMaker 15 comes with several new tools to reduce the amount of time and effort required for building custom database solutions. The ESS tool provided by FileMaker 15 further enables programmers to work with several third-party SQL databases including PostgreSQL and IBM DB2.

  • Often developers have to fix a variety of errors while importing scripts or building complex applications with multiple script. FileMaker 15 makes it easier for programmers to identify the errors by highlighting the problem areas in the Script Workspace with red. The developers can simply visit the highlighted areas to identify the coding errors.
  • The current version of FileMaker further allows programmers to undo and redo various tasks without any restriction. The developers now have option to work with multiple undo to recover the scripting work in the Script Workspace anytime. However, they cannot undo the scripting work after saving and exiting the Script Workspace.
  • FileMaker Pro 15 comes with a redesigned user interface. The developers can take advantage of the status toolbar icons included in the redesigned user interface to make the custom database solutions look fresh without putting any extra effort. Also, they can take advantage of the template included in the Get started screen to accomplish common tasks immediately after launching FileMaker Pro 15.
  • The web-based Help feature included in FileMaker further enables programmers to avail relevant assistance almost instantaneously. While building custom database solutions with FileMaker, the developers can avail the feature to search and obtain relevant information more quickly. They also have option to download the Help and access the resources even when there is not internet connection.

Run the FileMaker Apps More Efficiently
The speed and performance of a database application affect its usability and user experience. Hence, the developers need to identify and fix all performance issues immediately to optimize the app’s usage. FileMaker 15 enables developers to enhance the application’s performance by availing two distinct features.

  • While developing custom database solutions with FileMaker 15 the developers have option to keep the filtering and sorting of data separated from other operations. Hence, it becomes easier for them to keep the application working, while the data is being sorted and filtered in the background. They can further take advantage of the in-line progress bar provided by FileMaker to know once the sorting and filtering of data is completed.
  • FileMaker 15 further enables administrators to access detailed top call statistics logging. They can refer to the statistics to identify the top 25 call from various clients that require additional processing time. The information will help them to know the duration of the longest call and the client affected due to this performance slow down. They can further refer to the statistics at frequent intervals to identify and repair all performance issues more efficiently.

Protect the Database Solutions for Emerging Security Threats
Nowadays, enterprises use custom database solutions to collect, analyze and share a variety of structured and unstructured data gathered from various sources. FileMaker 15 comes with a number of new features to help enterprises to protect their database solutions and valuable data from emerging security threats.

  • The concealed edit box provided by FileMaker 15 enables developers to make the custom database solution accept sensitive user information in a secure way. They can avail the feature to mask sensitive user information like password, credit card number or PIN with the • symbol. Hence, the developers can take advantage of the features to make the application accept user information securely without writing additional code.
  • The latest version of FileMaker platform further prevents database applications from getting connected to a website or host that does not have valid security certificates. At the same time, it will display warning notifications before the application connects to a website or host with invalid security certificates. The administrator can further gather information about each security certificates simply by clicking on a button.
  • The FileMaker 15 further makes it mandatory for developers to password-protect the custom database solution before deployment. The Admin Console will automatically prevent the FileMaker Server from hosting database applications that are not password-protected. The administrators can further visit the Admin Console Log Viewer regularly to get a variety of messages related to security.
  • FileMaker 15 further supports a number of new SSL certifications including Subject Alternative Name (SAN), wildcard, and intermediate. Also, the developers can take advantage of the new built-in certificate signing request form included in the Admin Console to easily request and install new third-party intermediate certificates from various vendors.

The enterprises also have option to choose from several editions of FileMaker 15 – FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker WebDirect. These editions differ from each other in terms of features and price. But an enterprise can always buy and use the right edition of FileMaker according to number of users and specific needs. Also, FileMaker Inc. has simplified licensing to make the relational database application accessible to more developers and enterprises.