A number of studies have highlighted that a large percentage of modern users prefer mobile apps to websites and web application. Enterprises have to explore ways to create web applications that keep users engaged by delivering optimal user experience. Each business needs to focus on many aspects of the web application – accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, security and search engine visibility – to keep visitors engaged and convert them into customers.

An enterprise must deploy skilled web application developers and create a robust infrastructure to build, test and deploy web application efficiently. Many enterprises find it convenient to outsource their web application development projects to a reliable IT company to develop, test, and deploy web applications without deploying additional resources and funds. However, an enterprise must not consider outsourcing web application development only to curtail project overheads. It must understand the major benefits of web application development outsourcing.

What Makes Enterprises to Outsource Their Web Application Development?

Meet Emerging Trends in Web Application Development

While developing a web application, each enterprise must keep in mind the emerging industry trends and changing preferences of users. For instance, most people nowadays access websites on their smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Hence, the enterprise needs to ensure that the web application looks good and deliver richer user experience across many devices and platforms. Likewise, it also needs to keep in mind the latest search engine guidelines to make the website rank higher on search engine result pages. For instance, it must focus on the load speed and mobile friendliness of the application to increase its search engine visibility. Hence, an enterprise must consider a variety of factors while planning and developing a web application to accomplish higher conversion rate. When the enterprise outsources web development, it becomes easier for it to meet the latest web application development trends without diverting attention from its core business processes.

Take Advantage of the Latest Web Technologies

Each business nowadays needs web application that delivers richer user experience across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers. The web developers must to use latest technology to make the website compatible with many devices, platforms, and browsers. For instance, a web developer can adopt responsive web design to create websites that look good on multiple devices and platforms. Likewise, he can take advantage of HTML5 tags to embed audio and video content into the website without using any third-party tools or plug-ins. When a business outsources web development, it becomes easier for it to avail the services of skilled software professionals familiar with the latest web technologies.

Get the Web Application Tested Continuously

A steady increase is being noted in the number of companies adopting agile development methodology to deliver high quality web applications within a shorter amount of time. The agile methodology requires coding and testing to be conducted simultaneously. In an agile environment, programmers and testers need to coordinate with each other consistently to assess the quality of the website throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). An enterprise has to invest both fund and resources to build an agile development environment. But it can easily take advantage of agile development methodology, and launch a flawless website by outsourcing the project to a competent software company.

Deploy Competent Developers and Testers

While developing a modern website, programmers have to use several web technologies, standards, and protocols. A single developer may not be proficient in a variety of web technologies, standards, and protocols. Hence, an enterprise has to deploy a team of skilled developers and testers to build a website that delivers optimal user experience. When businesses outsource web application development project, it becomes easier to avail the services of skilled and dedicated developers with expertise in specific scripting languages, programming languages, and web frameworks. Both developers and testers further work together to deliver a custom web application according to predefined business requirements.

Faster Time to Market

An enterprise can always beat competition by launching the web application as early as possible. However, it needs to ensure that the quality of the application is not sacrificed while exploring ways to reduce development time. A business can always ask its outsourcing partner to deliver the website within a specific amount of time. Based on the timeline set by enterprise, the outsourcing partner will deploy additional developers and testers to build and test the website rapidly. The company will further use advanced frameworks and tools to deliver high quality software within a stipulated timeframe.

Avail Maintenance and Support

The enterprise also needs expert and prompt tech support to run the web application smoothly over a longer period of time. Also, it must update the web application at periodic intervals to beat competition and enhance user experience. Hence, it becomes essential for the business to maintain a dedicated tech support team to run the website without any interruption and hassle. The on-demand tech support and maintenance provided by the outsourcing company makes it easier for the enterprise to manage, maintain, and update the web application without deploying an in-house team. The company will further deploy skilled programmers to add new features and functionality to the website within a shorter amount of time.

Curtail Development Cost

As noted earlier, an enterprise needs skilled programmers and testers to build a modern web application. Also, it must create a robust infrastructure to develop, test, and deploy the application in the most appropriate way. Hence, an enterprise has to invest in in-house infrastructure, along with incurring additional expenses towards recruitment and training of programmers and testers. It can easily avoid the infrastructure, recruitment, and training cost by outsourcing the project to a competent IT company. The outsourcing company will deliver you a high quality website without investing in manpower, technologies, and tools. Also, it will maintain and support the web application without requiring the enterprise to in-house resources.

On the whole, an enterprise can reap benefits in terms of quality, time and cost by outsourcing its web application development project. However, it is also important for the business to pick the right IT outsourcing partner. Also, the enterprise must focus on the terms of the outsourcing agreement, and ensure that the outsourcing partner will deploy adequate manpower and resources to deliver a custom and flawless web application within as stipulated amount of time.