The eCommerce platforms make it easier for entrepreneurs to set up and run online stores within a short amount of time. An entrepreneur has option to choose from a wide range of eCommerce platforms. But most entrepreneurs opt for open source eCommerce platforms to curtail eCommerce application development cost. As an open source eCommerce platform, many entrepreneurs use nopCommerce for eCommerce application development  without spending a lot of money.

Also, the ASP.NET based eCommerce platform simplifies development and maintenance of eCommerce application by providing a set of robust features and tools. An entrepreneur can download and install nopCommerce simply by following some simple steps. The pluggable modularized architecture of the eCommerce platform further makes it easier for the entrepreneur to add new elements and functionalities to the online store.

Why Should Developers Use NopCommerce for eCommerce Application Development?


An entrepreneur can use nopCommerce to create online stores to sell both physical and digital/downloadable products. The eCommerce platform further allows entrepreneurs to add a variety of attributes to each product – image, size, colour, weight and stock level. An online store owner can even take advantage of the product comparison feature of the platform to enable customers to compare different products and facilitate pre-purchase research. NopCommerce further allows retailers to set different prices for different customers, and monitor and manage inventory.


In addition to accelerating eCommerce application development, nopCommerce also allows retailers to run multiple online stores from a single platform. The owners can even use the platform to set up multiple front-end stores with different domains. But they can manage all stores through a single administration panel. Also, they have option to make multiple stores share a single database, share catalogue data across stores, and allow customers to access multiple stores with the same login credentials. NopCommerce still allows web store owners to set up key features like products, categories, content, payment, shipping method, and tax rules for individual stores.


NopCommerce allows online store owners to work with multiple vendors. An entrepreneur has option to allow customers to choose from similar products supplied by different vendors through a common product catalogue. He can even use the administration panel to manage products, monitor orders, and review sales reports related to each vendor. At the same time, nopCommerce also allows retailers to take advantage of drop shipping by assigning each product to an individual vendor. When a customer places order, the particular vendor receives an email containing important details like product and quantity. The vendor will process the order and ship products based on the email received from the online store owner.

Mobile Commerce

A large percentage of customers nowadays access eCommerce websites on their mobile devices. Hence, it becomes essential for the owner to focus on his online store’s mobile customer experience. NopCommerce enables entrepreneurs to build mobile-responsive version. The mobile responsive version of the online store delivers rich customer experience across computers and mobile devices. Also, nopCommerce accelerate mobile-friendly eCommerce application development by making the web store appealing and feature-rich across devices. It even allows entrepreneurs to improve customer experience by delivering relevant products, offers, and promotions. The entrepreneurs should assess the impact of mobile apps in eCommerce industry and plan app strategies.

Payment Methods

The choice of payment methods and gateways differs from one customer to another. NopCommerce allow online store owners to improve customer experience by providing over 50 payment methods and gateways. The eCommerce platform supports popular payment methods and gateways like Amazon,, CCAvenue, WorldPay and SagePay. At the same time, it allows web stores to sell products through cash on delivery, pay in store, and manual gateways. An entrepreneur even has option to avail features like full refund, partial refund and void functionality.


In addition to supporting multiple payment methods and gateways, nopCommerce also simplifies tax calculation. It allows online store owners to calculate tax based on legal requirements, sales strategy, or customer expectation. An owner even has option to mark a product as either taxable or tax-exempted. Likewise, he can mark certain customer groups as tax-exempt, configure taxes according to the customer’s country or zip, display prices including/excluding tax, and specify if shipping tax is applicable. The feature makes it easier for online stores to calculate tax for individual customers without deploying skilled accountants, while accelerating eCommerce application development.


NopCommerce allows online store owners to implement both one-page checkout and anonymous checkout. The retailer can prevent shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rate by accelerating checkout process through on-page checkout option. At the same time, he can take advantage of anonymous checkout option to enable customers to buy products without creating accounts. NopCommerce further accelerates checkout process by supporting multiple currencies, phone order, mini shopping carts, and PDF order receipts.


NopCommerce provides a number of features to meet varying shipping requirements and setup of web stores. In addition to linking shipping methods to individual countries, it provides a flexible calculation mechanism for calculating shipping charges and creating shipping discounts. It even enables customers to calculate shipping charges before starting the checkout process and send items as gifts by entering different shipping and billing addresses. NopCommerce further supports in-store pickup and allows retailers to create custom shipping methods.


NopCommerce helps retailers to boost online sales by launching custom marketing campaigns. A retailer can take advantage of the features provided by the eCommerce platform to implement reward points systems, and offer discounts and coupons. NopCommerce even facilitates up-selling activities by displaying related products throughout the customer journey. It further allows retailers to boost sales through both virtual and physical gift cards. A retailer even has option to deliver virtual gift cards through emails and send physical gift cards by post. An online store owner can promote his eCommerce website through newsletters, blogs, polls, forums, and custom pages.

At present, over 27000 live online stores are developed with nopCommerce. The features and tools provided by nopCommerce enable entrepreneurs to simplify and accelerate eCommerce application development and maintenance. Entrepreneurs also have option to choose from a wide range of themes, templates, payment modules, and plug-ins from the nopCommerce marketplace according to his precise needs. Likewise, he can run the online store smoothly by availing nopCommerce premium support services. The developers should always keep a tab on the recent eCommerce application development trends to implement best practices.