The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) completely changed the way Americans acquire and pay for healthcare services. In addition to providing healthcare coverage to all Americans, the law also aims to reduce high hospital bills and enhance health insurance exchanges. However, many patients still find it challenging to avail treatment or prescription immediately due to the conventional systems used by insurance companies and hospitals. As the hospitals or insurance companies cannot adopt latest technologies within a stipulated amount of time, a huge gap still exists in the in the global healthcare sectors.

However, there are many tech entrepreneurs who are trying to bridge the gaps in healthcare by launching innovative software applications. Some of these web and mobile applications make it easier for users to regularly monitor their health and identify the diseases without any delay. At the same time, the apps further help users to avail instant and inexpensive treatment. There are also several gaps that are designed for healthcare providers and insurance companies to provide treatment to a patient without any delay. The number of products launched by such tech entrepreneurs and startups is also increasing steadily.

Initiatives Taken by Tech Entrepreneurs to Bridge the Gaps in Healthcare

Growing Usage of Electronic Health Records
As the official health records of an individual, electronic health record (EHR) makes his standard medical and clinical data available to healthcare service provides and other authorized users in a quick and secure way. But the lack of globally-accepted standards affects the usage and interoperability of EHRs. Further, different systems used by hospitals, claim submitters and external vendor delay the processing of the crucial information. A number of tech entrepreneurs have launched application to effectuate and speed up these EHR transactions without requiring frequent manual intervention.

Automation of Provider and Patient Services
Often individuals have to put extra time and effort to access their health and insurance information. Likewise, many providers even require additional time for accessing the required information and processing the claim. A number of tech entrepreneurs have launched applications to automate the entire process of accessing information and processing claims. Both patients and providers now have option to take advantage of these new web-based interfaces and custom software applications to access the required information instantaneously. These tools further make it easier for users to make calls to the customer support without any delay.

Making Real-time Claim Processing Faster
Most insurance companies collaborate with hospitals to enable clients to avail treatment without making any upfront payment. So after providing healthcare to an individual, the providers are required to prepare and submit a detailed claim to receive payment from the insurance company. Often providers find it daunting to prepare customize claims according to the nature of treatment and membership liability. There are several tech entrepreneurs who have launched systems to automate the real-time claim generation, submission and processing. Many hospitals take advantage of these tools to provide treatment to individuals and receive payment from the insurance company without any delay.

Making Patient History Accessible through Cloud Computing
Before providing healthcare to an individual, the provider needs to access the record of services availed by him in past. Normally, record of patient historical services is available with the insurance company. The new age entrepreneurs use cloud computing to help the hospital to access a patient’s record of historical services from the insurance company’s system immediately. Also, the providers can update the records immediately to make the data more relevant for other users. The cloud computing further makes it easier for the provider to provide the right treatment or prescription to a patient instantaneously. Many providers have started training employees to work with the cloud infrastructure and technologies.

Delivering Health Records through Mobile Devices
Nowadays it is hard to find an individual who does not use a smartphone, tablet or phablet. The massive popularity of mobile devices and mobile internet has made it easier for many tech entrepreneurs to build applications that make health records available through mobile devices. The users can simply use the app to access their latest health information anytime and anywhere. These apps further help providers to access the patient’s health information immediately, and provide the right treatment or prescription without any delay. The users currently have option to choose from a number of apps that allow them to access their electronic health records directly on their mobile devices.

Modernizing Existing System through COTS Software
While adopting new technologies, an organization has to invest in new hardware and software, along with providing training to its employees. So Many providers and insurance companies hesitate to adopt in new technologies. There are a number of tech entrepreneurs who provide commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software applications that help the hospitals and insurance companies to modernize their existing systems in a quick, simple and hassle-free way. The COTS healthcare products can be implemented by the company without requiring customization. But these tools help the hospital to access health information, submit claims and get the claim processed in a more efficient way without spending a lot of money.

Developing Web Tools for Estimating Patient’s Liability
Many hospitals in the country provide healthcare services commercially. Before providing treatment or prescription to a patient, such hospitals check his liability thoroughly to decide the charges to be paid by the insurance company. By assessing the patient’s liabilities, the hospital can easily collect upfront payment from the patient in case the insurance company will not pay for the particular process. So the amount of time required by the hospital to check a patient’s liability will have a direct impact on his access to healthcare. The new age tech entrepreneurs have launched a number of solutions that help hospitals to access and assess a patient’s liability just in a few minutes. Once its employees become familiar with the web tool, the hospital can use the web tool to provide treatment to each patient without any delay.

The initiative takes by the tech entrepreneurs to bridge the gaps in healthcare differs from one country to another. Often the government policies and access to healthcare services also impact the applications launched by these enterprises. However, these entrepreneurs take advantage of the new healthcare laws and reforms without any delay to launch software application to make high quality and inexpensive healthcare services available to many people.