At present, Python is one of the most widely used general purpose programming languages. Your business can use Python for development of both desktop and web applications, development of scientific, data-driven, and artificial intelligence applications. Python is very flexible and  it helps developers to keep the application code clean, readable, and maintainable. But you must hire a great Python programmer to build custom software applications according to your precise needs.

The developer must be proficient in Python programming language to write a custom software application according to your precise needs. At the same time, he must be familiar with various Python libraries and frameworks to deliver a high quality enterprise application within a short amount of time. You can easily gather information about skilled Python programmers from various online sources. But you must keep in mind some simple points to hire a great Python programmer for your project.

6 Things You Must Keep in Mind to Hire a Great Python Programmer

1) Precise Business Requirements

As noted earlier, Python is a general purpose programming language. Software developers use Python for developing a variety of software application. Before hiring a Python developer, you must identify and define your business requirements clearly. The predefined business requirements will help you to shortlist the right Python developers and assess their skills effectively. For instance, if your business needs a web application, you have to pick a developer who has proficiency is using Python as a web programming language.

2) Proficiency in Two Versions of Python

You have option to choose from two distinct versions of the high-level programming language – Python 2.x and Python 3.x. Python 2.x is often described as legacy, whereas Python 3.x is regarded as current and futuristic. Both versions of Python get updates regularly. But both versions of Python are not compatible with each other. According to the usage statistics posted on several websites, Python 2.x is more popular than Python 3.x. Hence, you need to opt for a programmer who is proficient in both Python 2.x and 3.x

3) Knowledge of Libraries, Modules, and Frameworks

Despite being a mature programming language, Python lacks some of the built-in functionality provided by other modern programming languages. Hence, the developers have to enhance the functionality of Python using various Python libraries and modules. Likewise, they need to curtail development time using various Python frameworks and tools. For instance, developers have to use Django, TurboGear, web2py, Reahland, Zope2 and similar web frameworks to build Python as a robust web programming language. At the same time, Python developers can use the right frameworks for Python desktop application development. While hiring a great Python programmer, you must check if he is familiar with various libraries and frameworks.

4) Ability to Pick the Right Python Framework

The Python libraries and frameworks help programmers to simplify and speedup custom software development. A programmer can also use open source Python libraries and frameworks to reduce development time without increasing development cost. But each Python framework has its own pros and cons. Hence, a single framework may not meet the varying needs of projects. While hiring the Python developer, you must check his ability to pick the right libraries and frameworks according to precise needs of the project.

5) Skill to Enhance Python Application Speed

A number of studies have shown that Python is slower than several popular programming languages including C++ and Java. Nowadays, the performance and speed of a software application affects its user experience directly. A skilled programmer can make the Python application load and run faster in a number of ways. For instance, he can enhance the Python application’s speed by making changes to its source code. Also, he can speed up the Python application by replacing the default runtime with a custom runtime. Hence, you need to hire a Python developer who knows how to enhance the application’s speed and user experience.

6) Experience in Reviewing and Testing Code

As a dynamically typed programming language, Python allows programmers to declare variables without defining their types explicitly. The dynamic type system makes it easier for programmers to write Python code. But it leads to several critical bugs or defects which emerge during compilation process as the variable types are not defined explicitly. Hence, you must opt for a Python developer who knows how to review the source code of the application consistently, and eliminate the critical bugs or defects being detected at the time of application compilation. Also, you need to check if the developer has experience in evaluating individual pieces of application code by writing and executing unit tests.

You can easily hire a great Python programmer for your project by evaluating the software applications developed by the professional for other clients. Also, you can contact other clients of the freelance Python developer to assess his skill and professionalism. You must gather information about the Python programmer to decide if he can deliver a quality software application according to your business requirements within a short amount of time.