Adobe has been updating ColdFusion on a regular basis to meet the most recent trends in web application development. ColdFusion 11 comes with features to simplify and effectuate development, deployment and management of a variety of rich internet applications. Each business also has option to use the enterprise, developer, standard, or express version of ColdFusion 11 according to its needs and budget. But it is also important for each organization to hire the most competent ColdFusion developer to build quality applications according to varying requirements and specifications of clients. If you are planning to hire a ColdFusion web developer, it becomes essential to focus on a number of key points. You should also understand what it takes to be an expert ColdFusion Developer.

Important Skills to Consider while Hiring a ColdFusion Web Developer

Knowledge the Latest Version of ColdFusion

The latest version of ColdFusion enables programmers to create and deploy both web applications and mobile apps through a single platform. It further makes it easier for users to convert HTML pages into PDF files, and secure the PDF files using digital signature. The programmers can further use the enterprise edition of ColdFusion 11 to assess the look and feel of applications across a variety of devices, and use new features to make the applications secure. So you need to hire a web developer who is familiar with the most recent version of ColdFusion. It is also important to opt for a programmer with prior experience in ColdFusion web application development.

Familiarity with Other Commonly Used Web Technologies

Nowadays most businesses opt for responsive web design to build web applications that deliver quality user experience across different models of smartphones, tablets and phablets. So developers have to build websites using commonly used web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. ColdFusion 11 fully supports HTML5. It allows programmers to take advantage of HTML5 video player, HTML5 charting, and HTML5 web sockets. So you need to hire a web developer who knows these commonly used web technologies along with ColdFusion 11.

CFML and CFScript Coding Experience

A good ColdFusion web developer must have experience in writing code using ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) and CFScript. The web developers can use CFML tags to accomplish a variety of tasks without writing longer lines of code. For instance, they can simply use CFML tags to make the web application generate content based on user input or data retrieved from a database. ColdFusion 11 is designed with several language enhancements to help programmers write readable and quality code. Likewise, the programmers can also use CFScript in a manner similar to JavaScript. They can use CFScript to write the application’s business logic as well as ColdFusion components. ColdFusion 11 also comes with enhanced supports for CFScript.

Understanding of ColdFusion Builder

ColdFusion Builder makes it easier for programmers to create robust web applications without putting any extra time and effort. Adobe has designed the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Eclipse. Also, Adobe has been updating ColdFusion Builder at regular intervals with nee features and enhancements. The latest version of ColdFusion Builder comes with features to help programmers to build and deploy web applications and mobile apps rapidly. When the developer has already worked with ColdFusion Builder, he can easily reduce the amount of time and efforts required for developing and deploying rich internet applications.

Experience in Building ColdFusion Applications

While comparing the skills of different ColdFusion programmers, you must focus in their individual experience and expertise. You must remember that each programmer has to put both time and effort to learn and use ColdFusion 11. So you must opt for developers who have already experience in developing and deploying ColdFusion applications. It is also a good idea to prefer programmers who have already developed mobile apps using ColdFusion as a large percentage of modern users prefer mobile apps to websites and web applications.

You can also consider hiring the right ColdFusion development company instead of hiring individual developers. The company will deploy a team of skilled ColdFusion web programmers to develop and test robust web applications within a shorter amount of time. However, you still need to keep in mind these important points while comparing different ColdFusion web programmers.