FileMaker Platform enables programmers to create custom business solutions that run on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and the internet. Its do-it-yourself (DIY) features make it easier for users to create a variety of cross-platform solutions rapidly, despite not being proficient in programming. However, many reviewers feel that version 14 of FileMaker is designed by targeting seasoned developers instead of end users. It comes with several new features and enhancement to help developers build high-performing, cross-platform solutions rapidly according to varying business requirements. Due to the improved speed and several new features, FileMaker 14 is considered to be a delight for developers.

Overview of FileMaker 14 Features that will Delight Developers’ Hearts

New Development Tools : FileMaker Pro 14 comes with several new tools that help programmers to boost the application’s user experience and usability. They can easily enhance the aesthetic appeal of the application by using both stock and custom button icons. Likewise, they can use the new navigation bar to create top tier navigation in the application that remains unchanged despite zooming in and out. The programmers can further display multiple and popover buttons in both horizontal and vertical manner by using the new button bar. The size of the button bar will keep changing automatically according to the device’s orientation.

New Themes : FileMaker 14 further comes with two new themes, i.e., minimalist and minimalist touch. So the users now have option to choose from more than fifty themes. They can use the new themes to clear all theme elements from the layout without writing longer lines of code. Also, they have option to copy and paste custom layouts on the same layout after clearing the existing theme elements.

New Script Workspace : FileMaker 14 simplified the development and modification of scripts by providing a new feature called Script Workplace. The new feature further adds several features of conventional integrated development environment (IDE) to the FileMaker platform. It enables users to keep writing scripts, while saving their favourite script steps simultaneously.

Calculation Window : The latest version of FileMaker makes it easier for programmers to select functions using specify calculation window. The calculation window enables users to select functions simply by started typing their names. Once a user starts typing the name of a function, the window will display the probable functions and allow him to choose the right function using the up and down arrow keys. Also, the user can view a popup list that includes the names of appropriate functions along with tables and field names.

Updated WebDirect : FileMaker Server 14 comes with updated WebDirect that delivers improved performance. The improved WebDirect enables developers to use FileMaker Pro desktop client in the web browser without writing any additional code. Also, the feature supports up to 100 connections concurrently. In addition to being must faster than its earlier version, WebDirect also delivers richer experience to desktop browser users.

64-Bit Client : The developers now have option to run FileMaker Pro 14 clients as 64-bit. The 64-bit client will make more RAM available for cache. However, the developers have to configure FileMaker Pro 14 for individual operating systems. They have option to install both 32-bit and 64-bit versions in a single application on Mac OS X. But the developers have to install the two versions separately on Windows. Also, they need to check the compatibility of existing plug-ins with the 64-bit client at the time of development.

Mobile Features : FileMaker Go 14 comes with several new features for applications running on iOS 8.1 and later. The FileMaker programmers can avail the mobile features while developing applications by targeting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The feature enable programmers to control the mobile app by incorporating features like enhanced signature capture, rich text editing, enabling touch keyboard, controlling audio and video playback, and screen orientation locking.

Based on their needs, the developers have option to choose FileMaker Pro 14, FileMaker Server 14 or FileMaker Go 14. The features and functionality of the platform will vary based on the FileMaker 14 edition selected by the programmers. But each edition of FileMaker 14 comes with improved speed and an array of new features to make programmers delighted.