HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, enables you to make a website look good on both computers and mobile devices with a single code base. You can take advantage of the new semantic elements provided by HTML5 to keep the source code of the website clean, organized, and maintainable. Also, you can use the <audio> and <video> tags to embed audio and video content into the website without using any plug-in or extension. But many users nowadays prefer mobile apps to website. You need to explore ways to make the website standout in the crowd to impress visitors. Likewise, you need to improve the website’s user experience to improve user engagement and prevent user abandonment. As HTML5 has emerged as the new standard, The HTML5 website builders help you to enhance the website’s user experience. You can even use robust HTML5 website builders to accelerate development of custom websites.

Brief Overview of 8 Robust HTML5 Website Builders for Webmasters in 2017

1) Twitter Bootstrap

The open source toolkit comes with features to accelerate development of responsive and mobile-first websites. You can use Bootstrap as a robust frontend component library to build websites with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Also, you have option to choose from an array of customizable themes which are developed as extended version of Bootstrap. Likewise, the jQuery based plug-ins provided by Bootstrap help you to add functionality to the website without writing additional code. You can even improve the website’s performance and user experience using Bootstrap CDN.

2) Simbla

The online website creation software provided by Simbla enables you to build professional websites without writing longer lines of code. You even have option to choose from a wide range of responsive and customizable templates. The drag-and-drop interface provided by Simbla makes it easier for you to build and customize the website simply by dragging and dropping specific objects. You can even avail the online database builder provided by Simbla to simply development of data driven websites. At the same time, you can use Bootstrap to customize the user interface and layout of the website according to screen size of individual devices.

3) HTML5 Boilerplate

The effectiveness of the HTML5 website builder can be determined from its user base which includes Google, Microsoft and NASA. You can avail the mobile-friendly HTML templates provided by HTML5 Boilerplate to create responsive websites rapidly. Also, you can improve the performance of the website significantly using Apache settings. HTML5 Boilerplate even allows you to set up, develop, run, and deploy the website by following some simple steps. You even have option to integrate HTML5 Boilerplate seamlessly with Bootstrap.

4) HTML5 KickStart

HTML5 KickStart simplifies responsive website development by providing HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript building blocks. You can take advantage of the lean building blocks provided by HTML5 KickStart to build custom websites rapidly. For instance, you can use the framework to add various elements to the website without writing additional code – buttons, button bar, menus, ordered and unordered lists, typography and tables. Also, you can take advantage of tooltips provided by the framework to emulate the tooltips of various browsers. The developers have already tested the UI elements with major web browsers.

5) Groundwork

The framework enables you to use HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create websites which can be accessed on any device. You can take advantage of the fluid grid system provided any Groundwork to create layouts without writing longer lines of code. At the same time, you have option to add your own style and customize the website according to your precise needs. Groundwork further improves the website’s performance significantly using a robust CSS processor and focusing on accessibility.

6) Base

The lightweight framework comes with features to accelerate development of responsive websites. The grid system provided by Base allows you to create responsive layouts without changing its default width for individual devices. At the same time, Base generates breakpoints styles automatically according to the grid settings. You can even use Base to accelerate responsive website development without increasing performance overheads.

7) 52framework

The mature framework enables you to create robust websites by leveraging features of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 52framework has been evolving consistently to make websites better and the development process simpler. It allows you to make the website more appealing by availing key features of CSS3 – animation, rounded corner, and text/box shadow. Also, you can use the latest version of the framework to avail improved HTML5 video support and new form framework with HTML5 validations.52framework further allows you to build mobile web pages with HTML5.


The website accelerates HTML5 website development by providing thousand of templates and images. The templates provided by the website are responsive and optimized for mobile devices.  takes care of domain and hosting and sets up business email automatically. IT even enables you to convert the website into a web store using eCommerce solutions. You can even avail the features provided by the website to accomplish tasks like blog site setup and social media integration.

On the whole, you have option to choose from several widely used HTML5 website builders. But you must remember that each has its own pros and cons. Also, the requirements of individual website development projects differ. Hence, you must evaluate the pros and cons of various HTML website builders according to precise needs of each project.