While writing a web application in Ruby programming language, the developers have option to choose from several web frameworks. But a large percentage of programmers prefer Ruby on Rails to other Ruby web frameworks. Despite being easy to learn and use, Ruby on Rails simplifies custom web application development by supporting model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern. Each new version of the full-stack web framework further comes with new and improved gems to accelerate development of modern websites and web applications. Needless to say, the popularity of Ruby on Rails remains intact in 2018.

A beginner can easily learn Ruby on Rails (RoR) in a short amount of time. But it is always important for the novice web developers to learn widely used client-side technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript before learning RoR. At the same time, he also needs to understand various aspects of Ruby programming language and learn how to use Ruby as a robust server-side programming language. Once the beginner is proficient in these client-side and server-side web technologies, he can easily learn Ruby on Rails through a number of online courses and tutorials.

7 Online Tutorials and Courses that Help Beginners to Learn Ruby on Rails

1) Ruby on Rails Tutorial

The online tutorial helps beginners to learn how to developer database-backed web applications with RoR. But the beginner must be familiar with object-oriented programming, Ruby, and other web technologies to take advantage of the online tutorial. In addition to explaining the design, features, advantages, and disadvantages of RoR, the web-based tutorial also covers important topics like installation, directory structure, database setup, active records, migrations, routes, views, controllers, layouts and scaffolding.

2) Learn Ruby on Rails

The online course offered by Codecademy enables beginners to learn RoR through interactive lessons, freeform projects, and multiple-choice quizzes. It includes 8 freeform projects and 4 quizzes along with interactive lessons. The course even aims to prepare beginners to build full-fledged web applications with RoR. These interactive lessons cover important aspects of the web framework. But the beginner has to subscribe to Codecademy Pro to access additional training resources and work on these freeform projects.

3) Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch

Udemy allows beginner web application developers to learn RoR through a number of free and premium courses. The beginners can always learn RoR without incurring additional expenses by opting for this online course – Learn Ruby on Rails from Scratch. Any beginner familiar with HTML can join the course to learn various aspects of the widely used Ruby web framework through free-to-download courseware. The online course further helps the beginners to master Ruby programming language in addition to learning RoR. They can even learn how to use RoR for creating websites and web solutions by accessing 9.5 hours on demand video on both computers and mobile devices.

4) Ruby on Rails Tutorial (Rails 5)

The online course created by Michael Hartl helps beginners to learn Ruby on Rails 5 through a tutorial book.  The beginners can access and read the book online for format. Also, they have option to purchase the tutorial ebook in a number of formats – PDF, MOBI and EPUB. The tutorial ebook covers explains both basic and advanced aspects of Ruby on Rails 5 – installation, development environment, MVC architecture, and deployment. These topics are further organized systematically into a number of chapters.

5) Ruby on Rails Tutorials and Insights

Codementor helps beginners to learn both Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails from experienced developers and mentors. The beginners can join the Codementor community to access RoR tutorials and posts. They can also stay connected with skilled RoR developers. The online resource even helps beginners to learn various aspects of the Ruby web framework along with development tips and best practices. Also, it helps beginners to learn how to use RoR more effectively by addressing its major shortfalls.

6) Rails for Zombies

The Rails for Zombies course offered by Code School helps beginners to learn RoR through quick video lesson. Each video lesson is further followed by interactive challenges to prepare learners to understand and use a specific aspect of the web framework efficiently. However, the beginners must be proficient in Ruby programming language before joining the online course. The online course further requires the learners to complete a specific level to learn more advanced aspects of RoR.

7) Go Rails

Go Rails helps beginners to learn RoR through series, episodes, and guides. Each series consist a number of episodes covering a specific aspect of RoR. The beginners can learn Rails concepts, popular Rails gems, or Rails performance techniques by selecting the appropriate screencast series. Likewise, they can refer to the appropriate guides to learn how to set up and deploy RoR. At the same time, they can learn and use RoR more efficiently by reading the posts and blogs written by experienced Ruby on Rails developers.

On the whole, beginners must be proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby to learn and use Ruby on Rails.  He even has option to learn RoR through a number of online courses and tutorials. But the beginner must remember that Ruby on Rails, like other web frameworks, has its own pros and cons. He must refer to multiple online sources to learn various aspects of the web framework.