According to the framework usage statistics posted on, ASP.NET is currently more popular than other widely used web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Adobe ColdFusion, and J2EE. Microsoft is expected to release a completely revamped version of ASP.NET in the first quarter of 2016. The new features and enhancements included in ASP.NET 5 make it completely different from, and better than its predecessors. At the same time, the changes made by Microsoft will make ASP.NET 5 more popular than other web frameworks in future.

Why ASP.NET 5 will be more popular than Other Web Frameworks in Future?

Open Source: Microsoft has already announced its plan to make ASP.NET open source. So both enterprises and individual web developers can use the redesigned version of the web framework for free. The openness will make it easier for small businesses and start-ups to avail the new features of ASP.NET without increasing project overheads. The openness will further encourage many users to switch from other open source web frameworks to ASP.NET 5.

Cross-Platform: The version 5 of ASP.NET will support three operating systems. In addition to windows, it will support both Linux and Mac OS X. So the programmers will use the web framework for creating cross-platform web applications running on Windows, Linux and OS X. The feature makes ASP.NET 5 completely different from its predecessors which were supporting only Windows platform.

Three Distinct Runtimes: The updated version on ASP.NET is designed based on a flexible runtime host. While using ASP.NET 5, the programmers will have option to choose from three distinct runtimes. They can run the applications on .NET Framework and avail all APIs provided by it. At the same time, the programmers can also run the ASP.NET application on .NET Core to avail all features of .NET Framework along with side-by-side versioning. Likewise, the users will also have option to run cross-platform ASP.NET application on Mono.

Cloud-Ready Configuration: ASP.NET 5 is designed with a configuration based on cloud-ready configuration. The configuration will enable developers to publish and deploy applications in the cloud without dealing with complex configurations. The cloud-ready configuration will further make it easier for users to deploy their projects directly in the cloud.

A Unified Programming Model: ASP.NET 5 will come with a single and unified programming model called MVC 6. Microsoft has developed MVC 6 by combining ASP.NET Web Pages, Web API and MVC. However, company has combined the three distinct programming models without any conflict in features. So the developers will have option to use three distinct technologies easily without creating different code base for each programming model.

Flexible Hosting: The users will have option to host ASP.NET 5 applications in a number of ways. They still have option to deploy the web applications on Microsoft IIS. Also, they can self-host the application by creating their own process. The flexibility will make it easier for developers to migrate the web applications from one host to another without putting extra time and effort.

Support for Popular Frameworks and Tools: ASP.NET 5 further supports some of the commonly used web frameworks like GruntJS, Bower and NPM. The support will make it easier for users to build front-end resources using these popular tools. They can use GruntJS as a task runner for building CSS and JavaScript files. As ASP.NET 5 supports Bower, the programmers will have option to use various client-side resources distributed through Bower including AngularJS, jQuery, Polymer and Twitter Bootstrap.

Faster Development: Microsoft has further designed ASP.NET 5 with several new features to reduce the amount of time and effort required for building and deploying model web applications. As the web framework uses Roslyn compiler, the programmers will be able to check the impact of changes made to the code without rebuilding the entire project. They can even use the dependency injection features to replace one module with another without making any changes to the client. The new http pipeline used by ASP.NET 5 will help developers to reduce the overheads in the pipeline and boost http performance.

While using ASP.NET 5, the programmers can use the community edition of Visual Studio 2015 for free. Microsoft has included several new features in Visual Studio 2015 to simplify and effectuate ASP.NET application development. So users will have option to take advantage of the new features of ASP.NET 5, while availing a variety of tools provided by the IDE.