Each developer wants to use web technologies that enable him to build high-performing websites and internet applications within a stipulated amount of time. Certain web technologies like Java and ASP.NET are used widely by developers across the world. Java is a dynamic, object oriented, class-based and concurrent programming language. On the other hand, ASP.NET is a designed as a framework to effectuate development of dynamic web pages.

Oracle recently released Java SE8 with several new language features like lambda expressions, a new JVM JavaScript engine – Nashorn, and a new date and time API. Likewise, Microsoft recently announced the completely revamped ASP.NET 5. In addition to making ASP.NET 5 open source and cross platform, Microsoft also included a number of new features like a unified programming model (MVC6), cloud-ready configuration, simplified dependency management, and improved HTTP performance.

These features and functionality make Java and ASP.NET completely different from each other. However, there are certain things that make these two technologies identical. The experienced programmers understand how to effectuate web application development by focusing on these common aspects and best practices. In other words, these common things make both ASP.NET programmers and Java programmers more productive.

8 Things Common between Java Programmers and ASP.NET Programmers

1) Understand OOP Concepts
Java is an object-oriented and class-based programming language, whereas ASP.NET developers have to write code in C#. C# is also a class-based and object oriented programming language. That is why; the great Java and ASP.NET developers understand common object oriented programming concepts like inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, class, object, method and message passing. These concepts further make it easier for them to create large web applications within a shorter amount of time, while optimizing memory management.

2) Ready to Use New Development Tools
It is a common practice among developers to use several tools and frameworks to reduce the time and effort required for building large web applications from the scratch. So the experienced Java and ASP.Net developers always take advantage of these tools. For instance, seasoned Java programmers use web-based frameworks like Spring MVC/Spring Boot, Dropwizard, Grails, Play, Spark, Vaddin, Ninja and Vert.x. Likewise, ASP.NET developers also use several tools along with Visual Studio 2015. But the great developers also love to experiment with recently launched tools and frameworks.

3) Integrate Web Services
The great ASP.NET developers and Java programmers understand the significance of web services for modern internet applications. They integrate web services into the web application to enhance its interoperability. Both Java and ASP.NET allow developers to create web services by using features, services and components. The good developers take advantage of these features, services and components to create web services for accomplishing common tasks like database access, remote access connection, web page scripting and message handling.

4) Access to Web Development Best Practices
The trends in web application development keep changing frequently. So the web developers have to create internet applications that complement the most recent industry trends. That is why; both Java and ASP.NET programmers know how to meet the requirements of modern web applications. They always access and implement best practices to reduce the development time significantly. At the same time, they also find new ways to handle these issues based on their development experience and knowledge of different domains.

5) Know How to Pick the Right Web Technologies
The nature and requirements of individual web applications differ. Therefore, developers nowadays have to use a variety of web technologies alongside Java or ASP.NET. Likewise, the programmers also use several third-party APIs to boost the website’s performance, and make it deliver richer user experience. As the developers have option to choose from several APIs and add-ons, it becomes important for evaluate their pros and cons. The great ASP.NET and Java developers know the most effective way to compare these technologies and APIs based on the application’s needs, and choose the ones that perfectly complement its usage.

6) Manage Client-Side Resources Efficiently
Both Java and ASP.NET are used widely as server-side scripting languages. So developers use these server-side scripting languages along with front-end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The great programmers know how to create and manage the client-side resources efficiently. They also use several tools to organize and minify the CSS and JavaScript files to save server space. The seasoned web developers also make the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files accessible to various search engine bots to increase the website’s ranking and visibility on major search engine results pages.

7) Focus on Software Testing
Along with building a clean and organized code base, the experienced developers also understand the significance of software testing. They are passionate about delivering web applications that deliver flawless user experience, and meet client’s specifications. There are many ASP.NET and Java programmers who compile the code regularly to assess the application’s performance. The latest version of Java and ASP.NET further make it easier for programmers to make changes to the code, and check their effect on the web browser instantaneously. The great Java and ASP.NET developers always identify and fix defects in their code much before the software testing process starts.

8) Don’t Adopt Drag and Drop Development
The great developers often explore ways to accomplish various tasks without writing longer lines of code. But they always try to avoid drag and drop development. The drag and drop development tools make it easier for programmers to produce instantaneous value, along with writing code. These tools, however, are used widely by beginners and inexperienced web developers. The great Java and ASP.NET developers love to write and manipulate code to accomplish a task, while focusing and evaluating all aspects.

It is also a good idea to focus on these common things when you hire a Java programmer or ASP.NET programmers. When a programmer is familiar with these simple but significant points, it becomes easier for him to take advantage of both technologies. He can further combine the best features of Java and ASP.NET to build internet applications that deliver richer user experience. At the same time, it is also important for a good programmer to keep track of the latest updates and patches. He must take advantage of the bug fixes and security patches to take full advantage of the Java SE 8 or ASP.NET 5.