The choice of web programming language and web framework differs from one programmer to another. But a number of surveys have highlighted the growing popularity of Ruby on Rails among both enterprises and developers. As the name indicates, Rails is an open source web framework written in Ruby programming language. But it comes with a number of features and functionality to make it easier for programmers to build various web applications rapidly. There are also a number of reasons why every web designer should learn Ruby on Rails.

10 Reasons Why Every Web Developer Must Know Ruby on Rails

1) Full-Stack Web Framework

Rails is designed as a full-stack web framework. So developers can use it for building both frontend and backend of the web application. Each developer can further use Rails to build an entire web application without availing the assistance of other professionals. Also, he can learn HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Ruby while using the web framework.

2) Written in Ruby Programming Language

As noted earlier, the full-stack web framework is written in Ruby. As Rails is a collection of shortcuts written in Ruby, it helps programmers to build web applications rapidly. At the same time, the developers can take advantage of several features of a dynamic and modern programming language like Ruby.

3) Supports Code-Based Data Model

Rails allows programmers to build data models by writing code. The developers can further modify and manipulate the existing data models through custom scripts. Thus, it becomes easier for them to deploy the web application on multiple web servers or boost user experience by targeting various databases.

4) Facilitates Rapid Development

Ruby on Rails is considered to be one of the best web frameworks for beginners. It uses a development model designed based on conventions instead of configuration. So the users can always learn and perform certain tasks as required and recommended by the web framework. They can further perform a variety of development task in the predefined manner to reduce development time significantly.

5) Availability of IDEs and Tools

Unlike other web frameworks, Rails supports a number of commonly used integrated development environments (IDEs) and tools. So the developers can use common development tasks by using these open source tools and IDEs. Many beginners love to take advantage of the Rails ecosystem to create web applications without writing longer lines of code.

6) Popular among Small Enterprises and Start-ups

A number of surveys have highlighted the growing popularity of Ruby on Rails among small businesses and start-ups. As an open source web framework, Rails helps enterprises to create web applications without paying any fees or royalty. So the beginners can always enhance their career prospects by learning a popular web framework like Ruby on Rails.

7) Used by Several High-Traffic Websites

In addition to being popular among small businesses, Ruby on Rails is also being used by several large companies. The effectiveness of the web framework can also be assessed from the fact that it is currently being used by some of the large and high-traffic websites like Scribd, Groupon, Github, Shopify, Basecamp, Airbnb, Square, Yammer, Hulu, Slideshare, Soundcloud and Zendesk. The developers can further use Rails for building a wide variety of websites and web applications.

8) Well Documented

Ruby on Rails is well documented in comparison to other web framework. The programmers may find it difficult to avail Ruby on Rails books covering various aspects of the framework. But they can easily access a large number of video tutorials and blogs online. There are also several high quality video tutorials that help beginners to learn and use Rails within a shorter amount of time.

9) Open Source

As noted earlier, Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework. So Ruby on Rails programmers can use it for building a variety of web applications without increasing project overheads. The openness makes it easier for independent web developers to impress clients by reducing the project overheads significantly. However, Ruby on Rails still includes the features provided by other popular web frameworks despite being open source and free.

10) A Thriving Community

Ruby on Rails is also supported by a large and thriving community. The members of the community live in various regions. But they frequently share code snippets and tools to simplify Rails application development. The beginners can always stay connected with the active community to resolve development issues without any delay. Many members of the community further help beginners to learn Rails, and use it for developing real-time web applications.

Ruby on Rails is one of the simple and easy-to-use web frameworks available in the market. A lot of important sites, which have become household names use RoR, here is a small list of some top sites developed in Ruby on Rails. So a web programmer can learn and use the framework without putting extra time and effort. However, the professional also need to know several Rails development tips, tricks and best practices to take advantage of all its features in a better way.